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Belinda Ousley’s Outstanding Achievement

Belinda Ousely exemplifies the true Borough Spirit; she is courageous, committed, passionate and
loyal, and is amongst the finest players Port Melbourne has ever produced. She embodies all that it
means to play in the Blue and Red, and last week her football prowess and leadership qualities were
recognised by the wider league community. After winning the AFL South Eastern competitions most
valuable player in 2018, she has was recently announced Captain of the elite interleague squad for
2019. The humble single mother of one, and dedicated paramedic received the phone call from the
AFL South Eastern squad coach, Gary Sanford last week.

“I played in the representative squad last year, and was really keen to play again”, said Belinda. “I
was so excited to get the call to say I had made the squad, but I was incredibly excited and humbled
when Gary told me that I was chosen the team captain. I was absolutely wrapped, it is such an
honour to lead the group”.

The interleague squad is made up of girls from various teams within the AFL South Eastern
Competition. All the teams in Division One were permitted to nominate up to six of their players to
take part in the squad selection process, and Division two and three teams were allowed to select up
to three players to try out. Belinda is currently one of 30 players who have made the preliminary
squad, and prior to the big game this number will be further reduced to 25, an incredible
achievement for our very own superstar.

Sanford was full of praise when asked why he had chosen Belinda for the captaincy role, after
watching a couple of her games during the Borough’s practice match series, he knew that she was
the most qualified player for the prestigious role.

“I knew Belinda was an outstanding player, and we were in the same South Eastern Division team
last year, when I won coach of the year at Mornington and she was the leagues MVP, and I had
watched her play in the squad last year, so we have known about her for a long time”, stated
Stanford. “What really blew me away about Belinda though was to see her play in the ruck, a
position she won’t be playing in the interleague team, but it was just her efforts, and her back-up
and just the overall way she plays footy is absolutely outstanding”.

Belinda’s commitment to the squad has also been recognised. Juggling her full time professional and
personal roles as paramedic and mother as well as her dedication to her Port Melbourne
responsibilities, the coach has been deeply impressed by Belinda’s efforts to make time for the
squad training and bringing the team together.

“From the very beginning on our very first training night, Belinda messaged to say that she was
running a little bit late, as she was coming from work”, said the coach. “When she arrived she come
over and introduced herself and apologised and explained she had come from Lara to our training at
Casey, it was so impressive she had travelled all that way to training, and it just showed her
commitment and character and how much she wanted to be part of the group, obviously you at Port
Melbourne are all aware of that character and it has certainly been recognised by players of the
other teams”.

“The challenge for her as captain and I wanted to know if she wanted to take it on was to get this
group together off the field and to make sure they were passionate about wanting to play with each
other, and we are really on that tack with Belinda’s leadership”.

This year Belinda is Port Melbourne’s only representative in the Bendigo Community Bank sponsored
AFL South Eastern Women’s interleague team, but without doubt we can be assured that she will
represent the Red and Blue with her signature passion, commitment and determination. Belinda’s
interleague game will take place during the bye weekend on Sunday 19 th May at 12pm at Moorabbin
Oval. With WAFL and VFL selectors expected to be scouting at the game, the club would encourage
anyone who is able to travel to the event and offer our talented daughter the support she so richly

Article: Sarah Manton.

Image: Emily Fraser-Ison.

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