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FEATURE (Paul Amy): Borough Half Back Harvey Hooper Having a Super Season

To take his football forward, Port Melbourne’s Harvey Hooper has gone back.

That is, after playing as a midfielder in 2018, Hooper has made the shift to defence this season, with excellent results.

In fact, if the best and fairest was counted now, the dashing right-footer would probably be in the top three, Borough coach Gary Ayres says.

Hooper, 21, is having his best season in the VFL, reflected in his number of mentions in the best-player list, five times from eight matches.

He’s averaging 21.8 disposals and 5.6 marks.

And he’s enjoying the task of running and creating off half back, encouraged all the way by Port’s backline coach, Robin Nahas.

From defence, Hooper has become a Borough stormtrooper, emerging just when the club needed it.

Since the 2017 premiership, it had lost back six Brody Mihocek, Lucas Cook, Luke Tynan, Dillon Viojo-Rainbow, Damian Mascitti and Brodie Murdoch.

“He (Nahas) gives me that freedom to attack, to run and carry, and set up the play to the forward line,’’ Hooper said.

“Robbie’s game is about attack. I’m fortunate he lets me play my position and gives me that free ride. Obviously you’ve got to defend most of the time but when we do get the footy, he wants us to take the game on. He gives me a lot on confidence. He’s great to have by my side, for sure.’’

Hooper played in defence for Oakleigh Chargers in the Under 18 competition, and his move back to the backline had its genesis in last year’s classic elimination final against Box Hill Hawks.

Hooper had struggled early.

“I was having a pretty shitty game, maybe only one or two touches in the first quarter,’’ he said.

“Someone got injured or someone got moved and I played the rest of the game on the halfback line and ended up having a pretty solid game.

“It sort of made me think about the half back role and how I missed it.’’

Hooper had one year at the Chargers before joining the Borough in 2016.

A year later he was part of the premiership team, producing his best form late in the season. He and Ash Krakouer were the babes of the Borough side, Hooper giving some dash off a wing.

“Those senior guys … (Toby) Pinwill, ‘Spud’ Dwyer, ‘Caino’ (Chris Cain), Hughy Sandilands, I was pretty luck to play with them in a team like that,’’ he said.

The grand final gave him confidence going into 2018 and he was used as an “inside’’ midfielder, with “pretty average’’ results. Hooper had calf injuries too. “I was really excited about what I could do last year but it didn’t work out for me,’’ he said.

Going in to 2019 he was mindful that the recruitment of Jarryd Blair and Ben Jolley had strengthened the onball division. And with players leaving and Ayres needing to rebuild his defence, he went back to his old position.

That brought the challenge of improving his kicking and marking, crucial elements for a half-back.

“I think ‘Ayresy’ is right in saying I could work on my kicking,’’ he said.

“I do sometimes rush my decision and rush my kicks.

“I did work on my marking over the break. I’ve never really been a strong contested mark. That was a focus and it’s got better and now my kicking is the main focus, getting my numbers and percentages up with hitting targets.

“I’m doing a lot of extras at training. Not that it’s poor, but I want it to be better, because off half back you can really set it all up if you get that first possession right.’’


“He’s gone from strength to strength since he got that opportunity to play at half back. He’s been able to give us rebound, start score sources and impose himself in games. He reads the ball well, he’s got lots and lots of courage, he’s got that balance between attack and defence, and he’s fitting in with the other young boys down there. He’s improved his marking and I think his ball use has been better this year, been more effective. His leadership and his communication have been there since he walked into the place. Over time he’s added to his game and become a valuable player for Port Melbourne.’’

Article: Paul Amy (Leader Newspapers).

Image: Bryce Peterson (Troppo Photos).

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