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Lisle Set to Lead the Borough in 2018

Jordan Lisle has been announced as captain of the Port Melbourne Football Club for season 2018.

The two-time reigning ‘Frosty’ Medallist has been confirmed to be at the helm of a new-look, six-man Leadership Group that includes vice-captain Tom O’Sullivan, Eli Templeton, Shannen Lange, Lucas Cook and Luke Tynan.

Lisle, about to enter his fourth season at the Borough since being listed with the Brisbane Lions, said it was a “tremendous honour”.

With an exit of several experienced mainstays at the conclusion of last year’s Grand Final success, Lisle said he was “excited” by the challenge whilst also recognising that there’ll be “big shoes to fill in following on from Toby (Pinwill).”

“Toby and the other boys were standout individual leaders; and had a profound impact on the footy club,” he said.

“I think the main difference this year will be that we will be more reliant on a ‘team effort’ from a leadership standpoint, with ‘Tos’ (O’Sullivan) and I working together with the support of Eli, ‘Tyno’, ‘Cooky’ and ‘Shagger’ (Lange).”

The inevitable ‘winds of change’ that swept through the club after the retirements of Pinwill, Chris Cain, Sam Dwyer and Hugh Sandilands; as well as the departures of Brody Mihocek (drafted), Brodie Murdoch (relocated) and Scott Clarke have seen 27-year old Lisle now placed as second-oldest on the list, only behind playing assistant coach Robin Nahas (30).

Lisle said that despite those exits, the nature of the VFL meant that a lot of guys “come and go” regularly anyway, and he still firmly believed that his side’s best footy this year can be “just as good as last year.”

“We were still learning parts of our game plan late last year, so another pre-season of that will only help us from a tactical standpoint,” he said.

“The key will be getting improvement out of everyone on the list, particularly a lot of those guys who couldn’t quite get into the team on a regular basis last year.”

Because of this, Lisle said that he still had his sights set on the group playing finals, and used last year’s double-chance, 3rd-placed home-and-away finish as a reference point for “making it easier” at the pointy end of the season.

Having also taken home the ‘Frosty’ for a second time last year, Lisle said that individually, he wanted to be better too.

“Everyone needs to be better than they were last year, and that starts with me.”

Image credits: Con Sakis (above), Kadek Thatcher (below).