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Paige Holt Announced Captain of Inaugural Women’s Leadership Group

The leadership group for the inaugural year for the Port Melbourne women’s team was announced last Thursday night to the playing group. Andrew Calleja the coach of the women’s team chose Paige Holt to be the captain, Maegan Harrison to be the vice captain, Emma Cheesley and Belinda Ousley are also members of the leadership group.

When asked why Calleja chose these four, he said “all four members of the leadership group bring unique qualities and playing experience to the Port Melbourne Football Club.”

Calleja said Holt was selected as captain, because she has the “ability to bring the girls with her through her determination as a footballer and her communication as a person made her a obvious choice to be the inaugural captain of the Port Melbourne Women’s team.”

Then he said he chose Harrison as the vice captain, because of “Maegan Harrison’s determined personality and passion for the game make her an ideal understudy to Paige.”

Calleja chose Ousley as a member of the leadership group, because he explained she “brings years of playing experience and a love of the Port Melbourne Football Club to the leadership group.”

He selected Cheeseley as well, as she has the “organizational skills and ability to bring the girls along with her made her a strong choice to be a member of the leadership group.”

After the leadership was announced they were contacted and asked what it meant to the four of them to be in the leadership group. When Holt was asked this question she said, “with a club so rich in its history I’m hoping our women’s team will ignite the Borough spirit. I feel so privileged to be entrusted with the captain role for the first ever Women’s Borough team.” Holt said she is excited to be the first captain after growing up watching the men play for the Borough. She grew up in Port Melbourne with her family and spent most of her time at the club. Holt said, “I feel so humbled and honoured to have this opportunity myself to put on the red and blue. As a little girl I would have never thought it possible.”

Harrison said to be announced vice captain, “it hasn’t really sunk in yet, it’s an absolute honour knowing I’ll be the first ever vice captain for the Women’s team at such a historic club and it will now become apart of history.” She further explained how happy she is to be working along someone like Holt. Harrison said, “someone like Paige, who’s not only someone I respect and look up to but a really close mate makes it even more special.” Both Harrison and Holt both cannot wait for the year ahead and to be the captains in the first year of the Borough women’s team.

Cheeseley is also excited to be part of the leadership group. She said, “to be in the leadership group for the women’s team in its inaugural year is a huge honour and something I hold with great respect.” Cheeseley also mentioned how thrilled she is to be in a leadership group “alongside 3 other great people and players and I’m excited to see where this season takes us as a group working together to be the best we can be as a team.”

Ousley said, “I am very proud to be part of the leadership group for the inaugural women’s team. My aim is to set a good example and help lay the foundations for a successful women’s team long into the future.” Ousley further explained how proud she is to lead the first women’s Borough team. She said, “I want the women’s team to embrace the club’s long-standing culture of loyalty, toughness and passion.”

All players in the leadership group are humbled to be selected in the inaugural women’s team and to be part of a history filled football club such as Port Melbourne.

Our women’s fixture for our inaugural 2018 season of football has also been released recently. To view the full rundown of the Borough’s matches, visit the ‘Events’ listing of our website (

Article by Tash Gunawardana (PMFC Women’s Team Media Officer).

Image by Kerry Ashbrook: Paige Holt (back left in Borough Jumper), pictured with some of the Port Colts junior girls on the steps of the Norm Goss Stand.