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PMFC Sponsor Spotlight #3: Bendigo Bank

1. Tell us more about your organisation / business and your role there:

Bendigo Bank is Australia’s fifth biggest bank, it was established in 1858 and currently has over 500 branches across the country, and 100 of those in Melbourne Metro. We prefer to see ourselves as the biggest of the ‘good’ banks.

Our unique business model means we have a sound understanding of the most pressing issues in Australian communities – from remote country towns to bustling city suburbs.

Our 1.8 million customers believe in this model. This belief has translated into an investment of $165 million for local projects, local clubs, and local schools; in addition to support for global movements like Earth Hour and Oxfam Australia.

It’s this commitment to the success of our customers, and the communities in which we operate that has lifted Bendigo Bank to become one of Australia’s most trusted brands.

My role at the Bendigo Bank as a Mobile Relationship Manger covers many aspects of financial services. I work within the Central Metro Region, which from time to time travel can take me across greater Melbourne. I am available any time during the day or evening to meet with and help customers achieve their financial goals. Whether it be a first home buyer, existing customer or small business client.

2. How long has your organisation / business been involved with the Port Melbourne Football Club, and how did the partnership initially come about?

The Bendigo Bank branch in South Melbourne has been supporting the club for around 5 years at different levels over that period. In the last few years we have maintained our relationship as a Gold Sponsor, and a commitment to supporting the Tommy Lahiff Cup event.

Barry Kidd and Sam Wharton have been instrumental in keeping us connected to the other sponsors and supporters of the club during this time. The Bank has held a number of events in the Sandridge Events Centre as the facilities are fantastic for business networking opportunities.

3. Is there anything you want to tell our members about your organisation / business that we may not know?

The origins of our bank began more than 150 years ago in two great Australian communities; Bendigo in Victoria and Adelaide in South Australia. Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank each started out as building societies, driven to help Australians buy their own home.

In Melbourne alone we have over 100 branches including Australia’s first university Community Bank at Deakin University.

Bendigo Bank has recently been recognised by Australian consumers as the banking provider of choice in the annual Mozo People’s Choice Awards. Bendigo Bank scooped the pool in the 2017 awards as the only provider to be awarded in all eight banking categories, and rated the top bank in six of the eight categories. We pride ourselves on being Australia’s most customer-connected bank.

4. What is it that you like best about your relationship with the Port Melbourne Football Club?

Our connection with the club is excellent. Partnering with them has been a great fit, not only from a branding point of view, but it has genuinely created a number of business opportunities for both of us.

One such example is that during one of the networking breakfasts we help put together, an accountant that was a guest referred his client to us due to his Bank refusing to fund the completion of his building project. We of course stepped in and were able to help the customer through that difficult time.

A point we try and push when attending the President’s Luncheons with our team is that we aim to always bring a guest – either an existing customer or a potential new customer – of the Bank to introduce new people to your club and give them a great experience. We believe strongly in building the relationship with our customers and the communities that we work in.

5. How can our members learn more / get more information about what your organisation / business has to offer (e.g. website/social media/contact information, etc.)?

If you would like to find out more about how the Bendigo Bank can assist you and tailor a package to meet your requirements, please contact Alistair Cooke on 0427 329 039 to arrange a meeting; visit our branch at 338 Clarendon Street South Melbourne (phone: 03 9690 8277), or log onto our webpage:

I can also be contacted via ‘LinkedIn’ at the below link:

Alistair Cooke
Senior Mobile Relationship Manager

BELOW: Toby Pinwill and Gary Ayres accept a cheque from Alistair Cooke and the Bendigo Bank at the 2016 Pre-Season Player’s Camp.