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Port Melbourne Announce New General Manager

We are delighted to advise, that following an extensive search for over 2 months, the Board have appointed Ms Jennifer Pryor as our new General Manager. Many of you would know Jen who has been helping around the Club for a number of years. Her background includes: Cheap Ambien With Prescription • over 15 years in law – began as legal assistant and then promoted to practice manager for a medium sized city law firm • working at the Coburg Football Club in an administration capacity while studying at University Order Phentermine Online Canada • employed at AFL Vic for 4 years in Marketing primarily dealing with TAC Cup and VFL clubs • moved to the NFP sector and obtained an understanding of the challenges facing this sector including fund-raising and expenditure control. Buy Phentermine Spain Buy Zolpidem Usa In August last year, at the request of the Board, Jen (at no charge) played a significant role in ensuring the finals series at the oval was conducted efficiently and effectively. She has subsequently been involved in club partnerships, administration, and other football and operational activities on the Club’s behalf. Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Uk Jen’s breadth of experience and football contacts made her the ideal candidate for the position and we trust you will all welcome her to the role. Diazepam Kopen Zonder Recept In Belgie Cheap Xanax Online Uk In keeping with the Board’s recently established “Conflict of Interest” policy, Jen has retired as a director of the Board, and as Vice President. Whilst she will be sorely missed in these capacities, we are confident she will excel in her new role, and ask that you all support her as needs be, to ensure this year is another great year for the Club, on and off the field.

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