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Port Melbourne Join Forces with Basel Dragons

The Port Melbourne Football Club is excited to announce a new association with the Basel Dragons Australian Football Club in Switzerland. The Basel Dragons was founded in 2018 and is the first Australian Football Club to be established in the city of Basel and the second Australian Football Club in Switzerland and (is a full member of AFL Switzerland and participates in AFL Europe tournaments) comes under the umbrella of AFL Europe. The Club will join the Geneva Jets and Winterthur Lions in the inaugural AFL Switzerland home and away season in 2019.

The inaugural Basel Dragons Club President Kelli Donnelly is the daughter of Brian Donnelly, who played for the Port Melbourne Reserves.

To meet the initial costs of establishing a new football club, Basel Dragons AFC is seeking support from the community in the form of an exclusive Founding Donor Program. Funds raised from the program will be used to meet the costs associated with purchasing equipment such as footballs, goal posts and training bibs. Each contributor will be honoured as a Founding Donor of the Basel Dragons AFC and recognised in perpetuity with their name on the Honour Board.

The four tiers of donations are:

PLATINUM – CHF 500 or more
GOLD – CHF 200

Port Melbourne members and supporters are encourage to support the Basel Dragons by donating to their fund. Their banking details for the founding donor programme are:

Account: Basel Dragons AFC
IBAN: CH67 0077 0254 3693 2200 1

In addition, we encourage any supporters who find themselves travelling through Switzerland to visit the Basel Dragons.

We welcome the Basel Dragons to the Port Melbourne Football Club family and look forward to a long association with the Club and its supporters.

Interesting facts about the Basel Dragons (from Secretary Jason Ransome):

“We do a BBQ after each match with snags and onions, but with a slight twist. We have a player from France that brings along real French baguettes over the border from France for us. A fun fact for you, we’re not allowed to mark the ground so we used 4kg of flour to make a circle and a square. We use cones to mark the boundary umpire. I also umpired the match (on the weekend).”

To keep up to date with all the latest Basel Dragons news, follow Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (

ABOVE IMAGE: Basel Dragons Secretary Jason Ransome with his family at last weekend’s practice match between Basel and Geneva (Result): Geneva Jets 23.10.148 defeated Basel Dragons 13.11.89.

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