NewsPremiership Coach Reappointed for 2024

Premiership Coach Reappointed for 2024

By Borough Media on August 22, 2023

We are thrilled to share the news of Sean Buncle’s reappointment as our VFLW Head Coach for the upcoming 2024 season. CEO Paul Malcolm expresses the club’s immense satisfaction with this decision, highlighting Sean’s continuous growth as both a coach and an individual since joining us.

Reflecting on the journey, Malcolm acknowledges that while the outcomes of the 2022 season were not as anticipated, it served as a foundation for progress. The team’s unwavering determination paved the way for a promising 2023, one that culminated in the club’s inaugural VFLW Premiership. Throughout this period, Sean’s leadership proved pivotal.

In the light of his reappointment, Sean Buncle shares his sentiments on the remarkable 2023 season. He takes immense pride in the achievements and considers it an honour to lead the group once again in the upcoming 2024 season. While celebrating the triumphs, Sean recognises the untapped potential within the program; a potential he is eager to nurture as the journey continues.

Looking ahead, CEO Paul Malcolm outlines the club’s plans to further strengthen the team. The coming week will see the announcement of opportunities for various coaching and off-field roles.

This strategic move is aimed at fostering continuous growth and progression within the program. The reappointment of Buncle marks a pivotal chapter in our journey, one that’s driven by dedication, growth, and the collective pursuit of excellence.

As we step into the future, the foundation we’ve built together serves as a springboard for even greater accomplishments on and off the field.


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