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REPORT: Preparing for 2019….Borough Women Make a Statement

With only two weeks to go until the start of the home and away season, the Borough women’s team were on a mission in their second practice match at the weekend. During his pre-match address Coach Harold Hetherton implored his team to use the opportunity to “look after your mates, have an impact on the game as individual’s and make a statement as a team”. He encouraged the girls to make the most of the opportunity and to get a gauge on their strengths and weaknesses before the proper season began.

On Sunday the girls travelled to Holms Park Reserve to battle Beaconsfield, a team they will meet in round 6 of the AFL South Eastern Division 1 competition. With the temperature rising off the field, the heat on reflected the warm autumn afternoon early on. Both teams were determined not to give the other the advantage, subsequently the first half of the quarter was a continual grid lock with neither side willing to relent. Persistent hard work in the centre, and wing by Rebecca Marshall, Amber Hardie and Brittany McLaughlin caused consistent congestion on the ball.

As the game started to settle, the Borough took over the context of the play and they were often on the offensive. Despite the oppositions best efforts, continual hard work by Port’s centre line and forwards provided the away side with many missed opportunities in front of goal. Jasmine Ferguson, Lauren Gibbs and McLaughlin were aggressive in their efforts to contain the ball in the forward half, but goals were hard to come by.

At the eight minute mark of the term the drought was finally broken when Lucy Adamopoulos was successful up forward, posting the only major for the quarter. The Borough continued to attack for the remainder of the term with Vivian Leong working hard and providing drive from the backline, and Meagan Harrison scrimmaging hard for the ball on the wing. Despite only converting once in 10 forward entries the Borough had managed to establish control of the game and went into the first break with a 12 point lead.

At quarter time Hetherton praised his girls for their efforts but asked them to be smarter with their disposals, and to remember to retain a level of composure. He highlighted the fact that Port were controlling the game but their conversion rate needed to improve. With renewed endeavour the team started the second term more inspired, and within minutes Kayla Slattery extended the lead with another goal for the Borough.

Kelly Nelson was working admirably off the half back line and midfield pressure from Jasmine Ferguson, Tori Tonin, Maryanne Cini, and Amanda Parkinson were making it increasingly difficult for Beaconsfield to move forward. Pure persistence and drive allowed the Borough another opportunity and Adamopoulos was successful in registering another goal to drive the Port Melbourne girls even further in front.

The home side tried to rally and were respectable in their efforts, but the tenacity of Port’s backline made it near impossible for them to get close to scoring. Harriet Weir, Tara Jasper, Natalie Scane and Nelson were impenetrable, and Beaconsfield struggled to find opportunities, as the ball continued to spend the majority of time in areas that were to the Borough’s advantage.

Prior to half time Jennifer Osman started to place her mark on the game, and her rucking assistance up forward resulted in Adamopoulos kicking her third goal for the game. At the half time break the girls had extended their lead to 28 points.

In scoring terms the third quarter was disappointing but it was the behind the scenes determination of the players that was the real winner. Tacking, shepherding and attempted assists increased as the Borough girls fought hard to stamp their authority on play. Mandy Seath was stealth like in her approach and a brilliant smother lifted the girls even further. Osman continued to impress all over the ground, and Tonin appeared to be everywhere. Nelson and Jasper respectively displayed their tackling prowess, and Hardie again was a master in shepherding for her teammates. At the final break the scores hadn’t advanced much, but the Borough belief had.

With another encouraging endorsement by their coach at the final break the girls were once again the conductors of the play in the final with ball control the absolute focus of the team. Securing most of the final term play in their forward line the Borough were proud victors at the final siren running out 34 point winners.

With one more practice match to play before the season proper begins the Borough girls are determined to continue to disseminate their statement. In their first curtain raiser for the year next Saturday the team are excited to be playing at ADCOM Stadium prior to the VFL round three game.

FINAL SCORE: Port Melbourne 4.12.36 defeated Beaconsfield 0.2.2

GOALS: L. Adamopoulos 3, K. Slattery 1.

Article: Sarah Manton.

Image credit: Hudson Hetherton.

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