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VFL REPORT: Borough Fall to Seagulls in Arctic Blast

Port Melbourne has gone down by 18 points at the hands of arch rivals Williamstown at a windswept Williamstown Football Ground on Sunday afternoon.

With plenty on the line for both teams entering the game, the Borough were greeted by hurricane-like winds and the persistent threat of the rain as they arrived at Point Gellibrand.

It made for football played in torrential conditions, with Williamstown’s experience set to prove even harder to overcome than first thought.

Losing the coin toss and kicking against the breeze first up, the Borough made a good fist of holding sway defensively for the first 17-18 minutes of the game.

A couple of 50-metre penalties in succession then went against Port, and the Seagulls were able to capitalise to eventually have 5.2.32 to 0 on the board by the first change.

It was then the Borough’s turn to make the most of the sizeable advantage in the second; though, just like the Seagulls, it took most of the term to wrestle any sort of momentum.

Concerns surrounding Port’s ability to get back in to the game were raised even further when Willy’s Adam Marcon was able to slot an ever-so-precious goal against the wind at the 16-minute mark.

It took until 28 minutes to tick by when ex-Seagull Dylan Conway finally goaled, before the ever-consistent Mack Rivett and defender Luke Tynan got on the end of some smoother passages of play further up the field to erode the deficit to a more-manageable 6 points at the main break.

The Borough’s defensive efforts against the wind were clearly going to prove pivotal in the third, and once again they held up reasonably well as Williamstown pressed hard to put the margin beyond reach.

They eventually added three goals, but Port’s cause was aided by the inaccurate accompaniment of 11 behinds to that tally.

With 34 points now the deficit to overcome with one quarter to play, a tense finish ensued.

A second goal to Rivett and another successful snap by Thomas ‘Junior’ O’Sullivan just two minutes later suddenly had the Borough pumped and arguably in the box seat to secure victory with plenty of time still left to play.

However, using all of their guile and experience of the conditions that are so easily identified by the venue, the Seagulls’ hardened midfield and defensive brigades were able to withstand the onslaught.

Skipper Jordan Lisle then entered the fray at the 16-minute mark and the deficit was counted down to just 14 points.

But the killer blow then came.

Completely against the flow of play, Willy went down the other end of the ground and booted their second goal against the wind for the day – an event akin to finding buried treasure (twice!) in such outlandish conditions.

The remaining time was fought out valiantly by both sides, as Port continued to try and make an impact to no avail.

On an individual front, Rivett was quite simply outstanding, as he led the way both through the midfield and in front of goal – and was even singled out for praise by Williamstown as the ‘Opposition’s Best Player’ in their official Post-Match Function.

Fellow onballer Matt Arnot put together a much-improved effort to be named second best, whilst defenders Dylan Van Unen, Damian Mascitti and Lucas Cook were also included in the listings; as was 100-gamer Mitch Wooffindin, who battled with plenty of verve despite not being able to celebrate his milestone with the desired result.

The final margin was 3 goals, and means that to ensure a Finals berth in season 2018, the Borough will have to either win or minimise the margin of defeat at the hands of Footscray in this Saturday’s final home-and-away game at VU Whitten Oval.

Action will get underway in the early timeslot of 11:00am on Saturday morning.

Williamstown 5.2-32 6.3-39 9.14-68 10.14-74

Port Melbourne 0.0 4.9-33 4.10-34 7.14-56

Goal Kickers: M. Rivett 2, D. Viojo-Rainbow, J. Lisle, T. O’Sullivan, L. Tynan, D. Conway.

Best Players: M. Rivett, M. Arnot, D. Van Unen, D. Mascitti, M. Wooffindin, L. Cook.

REPORT / IMAGE: Sam Wharton.

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