Port Melbourne Football Club joins the Victorian Blind Football League


The Port Melbourne Football Club is delighted to announce the creation of a new team to compete in the Victorian Blind Football League (VBFL).

The announcement is aligned to the club’s strategic direction in community connection including being a leader in the diversity and inclusion space. PMFC will be the first VFL team in history to have a blind team competing in the VBFL.

“We are thrilled to have the Borough Blind team joining our family.  It is a wonderful opportunity for the club, and we can’t wait to kick off the season on the 11th of May” said Port Melbourne General Manager Sophie Williams.

Michael Shuman PMFC President said “The board and I are excited with the inclusion of the Blind Team into PMFC, this supports our strategic direction in the inclusion and diversity space, we look forward to getting to matches over the six week period”

The competition is run by AFL Victoria and started in 2018.  Clubs compete in a six-week competition at a dedicated facility which is set up for those with visual impairment.  Teams are made of 10 players and the teams are mixed.

“’I’m honoured to coach our team of amazing and talented players and be part of such a historic club in Port Melbourne, especially in its 150th year.

Our team is a great combination of skill, speed and experience which will make us very competitive in season 2024 and we will be giving 100% every game to make our club and supporters proud.

It will be great to see our loyal fans cheering us on this season.’” said Anthony McDonald, coach of Port Melbourne’s Blind team.


Head of AFL Victoria, Greg Madigan, said: “AFL Victoria is thrilled to see a new team added to the Victorian Blind Football League in 2024 and for that team to be from such an historic and respected organisation, the Port Melbourne Football Club, makes it even more meaningful. Congratulations to everyone involved on the establishment of the Borough Blind team.

“The VBFL is a fantastic competition that provides players with a vision impairment a way to participate in our great game. For the competition to add a new team alongside teams from St Kilda and Hawthorn shows important progress for the game and supports AFL Victoria’s objective to provide welcoming and inclusive formats and competitions to allow more people to experience Australian rules football.”

The competition kicks off on Saturday 11th May 2024 and a finals carnival weekend will take place in late July.

For more information on the VBFL please visit Victorian Blind Football League (VBFL) | AFL Victoria




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